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Real Estate Consultants India

LAND GURU’s real strength lies in easy adaptability in accordance with the client’s requirements and the target markets in question. The use of local agents and their invaluable market information is also a very crucial factor that goes in the client’s favor with LAND GURU’s strong network of agents spread strategically throughout the length and breadth of the area. Having catered to a varied clientele drawn from different socio-economic and cultural groups, LAND GURU are able to offer a bespoke and highly discrete investment service, with due attention paid to cultural considerations as well.


LAND GURU Consultants’ vast experience in handling large size real estate transactions has helped it immensely in expanding its’ know-how about realty markets all over the world and also the impact they can have on the local realty sector trends. That’s why, when LAND GURU actually formulate a strategy for a client, they keep all these bearing factors into consideration before arriving at a fool-proof plan. Taking full advantage of all these know-how about the global trends along with valuable inputs from the local market specialists, LAND GURU Consultants then apply their expertise and a conservative market approach to select properties in only prime located sites in secure economies to maximize client’s value appreciation


Although aided by a strong network of realty agents situated across multiple locations, LAND GURU Consultants use their discretion in choosing the right course of action to complete a transaction. Aided by a highly qualified and experienced staff having a rich wealth of experience in real estate, LAND GURU’s solutions always reflect an unbiased and straightforward view, underlining the favorable and cautious areas with pin-point accuracy. Being a private global real estate investment advisor with no ties to any institution, and nothing to sell other than impartial advice, LAND GURU’s focus is never clouded by diversification, and that is why, it is able to hold itself very firmly to the highest level of standards in client relationships and project execution


Keeping an excellent track record, LAND GURU Consultants have carefully nurtured relationships with all its’ clients through the years by offering them safe and secure access to lucrative, high end, off-market, tailor-made investment opportunities. After all, a 99% acquisition rate and a growth promise in proportion to the amount of risk taking ability can only be offered and delivered by those who precisely know their footing in the trade and are experienced and resourceful enough to achieve it on a regular basis for their clients.