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Real Estate Property Investment India
Real Estate Investment India, Property Investment India, Investment Property India, FDI in India

With LAND GURU, you now have the chance of investing your capital in the most sought and expressly growing industry segment; Real Estate. Property investment these days is definitely the most lucrative business that has been giving the maximum Return on Investment (ROI). Just imagine that investment in real estate has seen such a remarkable growth, that in only the past 1 year, the value of commercial space has gone up by a staggering 45% only in India.

This brisk growth in real estate in the recent years has also attracted a large number of foreign investors in India, in the form of foreign building companies, large multi-national construction consortiums, buyers and finance companies. The New open

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policies adopted by the Indian government has also played a very important role in creating this favorable scenario, thus attracting huge FDI (foreign direct investment) in this sector. The on-going boom in the industry has also provided a golden opportunity for the banks and finance companies to cash on this particular scenario by offering property related loans to the millions of middle class people living in big cities. People who wish to buy a property can easily avail the facilities of home loans and finance depending upon their eligibility.

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100% FDI approval real estate sector has also beckoned the NRIs living abroad to come to India and explore a variety of Investment options here. All this can be clearly attributed to the fact that they see better business & growth prospects of their investments here in India. NRIs living in different parts of the world are coming back to India in big numbers to make investment in real estate property, which is far more rewarding than any other form of investing.

India, after it’s recognition in the world as a major IT player, has started being the home of many IT giants around the globe, who are now seeking better infrastructure and realty spaces for setting up business across India. Many renowned foreign construction companies such as Edaw Ltd. of US, Kikken Sekkel of JAPAN, Royal Indian Raj International Corporation of CANADA, Emaar Group of DUBAI, Lee Kim Tah Holdings and CESMA International have entered the realty market in India, and are now involved in large construction related activities; building townships, bridges, big malls, roads retail realty chains etc.