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Hotel Industry is also one segment of the service industry which has been highly benefited by the growth of real estate in India. The opening up of ceiling on FDI has opened new doors for many business avenues in the hotel industry; which the major players of the world are fast exploring in the vast demography of India. Remember the day when you used to plan months in advance to go on holidays; today, with the advent of internet, you can even book a world tour with the help of a single mouse click. Sitting comfortably in the luxury of your room, you could even take a virtual tour of the hotels and book the most appealing room for yourself,

LAND GURU’s real estate solutions can easily provide the clients with need-specific design layouts of luxurious 5 star Sea-shore hotels, or even plan an imposing river-side hotel with open cafeteria and a revolving bar. Whatever ideas you might be having in your mind, just share it with LAND GURU, and it would efficiently put them down to reality. LAND GURU’s has an exhaustive array of options for hoteliers, which they can start exploring right away to choose their most desired sites. LAND GURU’s rich database of hotel properties located across the country will definitely give them a lot of options to ponder over and decide. LAND GURU cater to a variety of hotel property needs, such as boutique hotels, luxury hotels, country resorts, inns and lodges, designer hotels, small hillside hotels, unique retreats, motels, lodges, royal retreats, heritage hotels, certified ayurveda resorts, jungle guest houses and that too in some of the most beautiful, fascinating and breathtaking destinations.